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    The threats have begun.  I enjoy a threat because it means I’m on the right track – actually I‘ve known that for over 25 years!  They didn’t have the internet back then.  Ain’t it grand!

    The below email in today at 9:38 a.m. and it is from a regular who sends me a nasty email every time I mention Geesey and in the past has ended several emails with “A Detective Geesey fan.” 

    Now, listen up!  Don’t email me again or I’ll publish your address.  You’re AOL and I bet they wouldn’t be amused. 

P.S.  I do know Detective Geesey by sight.  I sat in a courtroom with him for six days during Micah Stewart’s murder trial a year ago.  Please check back tomorrow…


Becky –


I've had enough of your crap about Detective Geesey belonging in jail. You are overboard with your defamation of character of him and several others.  You belong in jail Becky for all the harm you try to cause other people.  You want to put someone in jail, whom you don't even know by sight!  That's a laugh.    You are not a good person.  I think you belong in a straight jacket somewhere in a mental hospital.  No one is ever going to listen to you.  You've proven time and time again you don't know what you are talking about. 


Stay out of Lancaster Becky - you are not wanted here.




    Well folks, I guess it’s time to put my photograph where my mouth is!  I will work on that this weekend.  The day after I took it, the Intell printed artist’s sketches.  One of them, the heavyset one, is wearing the exact same clothes and the exact same ponytail.  The blond one had just cut his hair and shaved his beard.  One appears to be Latino.  They worked less than a block from the crime scene – together.  And this would not be the only crime they committed.  No, they truly had a license to kill in Lancaster.

    The below is from an archived article on this site on the Lancaster Lynching (click here).   Please check back tomorrow…


    Please note the reference to Lancaster Police Captain Luther Henry in the editorial below.  Three days after this appeared, the case would take a dramatic and incredibly ugly turn.  I took a train to Lancaster.  I walked downtown and stopped into Coe’s Camera Shop and bought an instamatic Polaroid camera.   I continued walking.  In a line right out of a movie, I said to a neighbor of the building I was about to enter whom I had met several times before, “I’m going in there to take a picture.  If I’m not out in five minutes, please call the police.”  I entered the building and took a picture of three men sitting around a table.



    Becky, if you think it is easy to solve a murder, go right ahead and try to solve the murders you are complaining about. You sit back and Monday morning quarterback everything. You don't know the first thing about criminal investigation. You will notice that I don't e-mail you any more because I have come to the conclusion that you are nuts.

Email I received yesterday.

    You are wrong, my friend.  Please check back late today…


    I linked to the page on this website earlier this week that has the below article from January of 2006.  Today I am bringing it back to the front page, because every time I read it I am stunned.  I am incredulous that this has gone on.  I am stunned that the press has not done one thing.  This is obvious corruption and it is being waved in the public’s faces by the Lancaster Newspapers.  Simply unbelievable.

    Investigate Detective Joseph P. Geesey.  Investigate every case this man’s hands have touched.  This man should be in jail.

    The full Sunday News article that is quoted below can be read on the website set up by Lindy Biecher’s and Christy Mirack’s brothers (click here and then click on “News Articles” - it is the first one – from the Sunday News on December 15, 2002).







    The public has a right to know. It might help solve this crime. We pay the police to protect us. This level of secrecy is absurd and unacceptable. What possible reason can there be for it? What's going on? There has been a killer on the loose for 13 years. Open this file and tell us what you know or bring in outside help - now.

    Please check back this weekend when there will be more on District Attorney Donald Totaro, County Detective Joseph Geesey, the Cortney Fry murder and the lack of local news coverage on the Borden murders/David Ludwig. What is going on?

    The following are quotes from the December 15, 2002 Sunday News article by Barbara Hough Roda, "A mother's dying wish" (please also see the related story below on this website):

    "Battling cancer, grief and the clock, she feared that she would die before the 10th anniversary of her daughter's unsolved murder. Mrs. Mirack wanted to leave this life knowing that she would have a say in a December article about her middle child, about the devastating loss to her family, about frustration with a murder investigation that has failed to produce a killer."

    "But she [East Lampeter Township Police Lt. Renee Schuler, who heads the murder investigation] and Lancaster County Detective Joseph Geesey provided little in the way of new information at an interview held at the District Attorney's Office last week.     Although police initially proceeded under the assumption that Christy knew her killer, they won't rule out a random killing now."

    "But last week Schuler and Geesey would say only that the killer is male. They wouldn't say whether there might have been more than one assailant. Dozens of men have been interviewed by authorities, though officials will not say specifically how many. Investigators said they are looking at specific individuals.
    "They would not comment on how many people have been exonerated by DNA or other evidence."

    "Geesey would not comment on the crime scene last week. Police remain quiet as to what weapons were used in the crime, and will not comment on information from sources early on that one instrument was a kitchen cutting board.
    "'She was beaten,' Geesey said. 'She was beaten in anger, but...I don't think we should get into specifics.'"

     "The most recent tip came in Dec. 2; investigators refused comment on the nature of that information.
    "Schuler said East Lampeter Township detective Joseph Edgell was assigned to assist on the case about 10 months ago. Geesey continues to work with the department, which is aided by local municipalities as well as state and federal law enforcement when the need arises."

    "For most of the past decade, it was Mrs. Mirack - a native of Sunbury who moved to Shamokin as a child - who kept in touch with police for updates on the investigation.
    "'She always felt like she was on the outside looking in,' her son said.
    "Schuler wasn't sure when last she spoke with the Miracks; Christy's brother, who also lives in suburban Philadelphia, said his mother hadn't talked with Lancaster County officials in at least a year."

    "'We didn't talk,' Christy's father, 64, said. 'We didn't say nothing to nobody.'"
     The last thing they wanted to do was jeopardize the case.
    "Now, her father sees things differently. 'Nice people finish last.'"

    "Schuler said the Mirack case will remain open until it is solved. Investigators believe it can be solved.
    "But, Schuler added, 'We need (the public's) help. We are not an island. We need phone calls and letters to continue.'"

Mrs. Mirack died on November 4, 2002. She is buried next to her daughter, Christy.


Filed by Burglar


2 Detectives Sued For

$60,000 In Rights Case


    Two city detectives are being sued for  $30,000 each by a convicted burglar who alleges his civil rights were violated when he was arrested in January, 1967.

    City Detectives Walter Goeke and Joseph Geesey have been summoned to appear in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia at 9:30 a.m. today to stand trial.

    Goeke said Monday the civil suits were brought against him and Geesey by Robert Leslie Henderson Jr., 29, whose address in 1967 was 538 S. Lime Street. 

    Goeke charged Henderson and another city man with three counts of burglary and larceny and receiving stolen goods in connection with burglaries at two supermarkets and gas stations in January, 1967.

    In the March, 1967, term of criminal court, Henderson was convicted on the charges and sentenced to five to 10 years in the State Correctional Institution at Philadelphia.

    Henderson and the other city man were convicted on charges of breaking open a safe and stealing approximately $2,000 in cash from Thriftway Supermarket, 923 S. Duke Street; merchandise valued at $300 from the A&P Supermarket, King and Ann Streets, and automotive equipment valued at $410 from a gas station at 1208 Manheim Pike.

Lancaster Newspapers in June of 1972.  The article ran with two small pictures of Geesey and Goeke and the article is printed on the front page of the Special Edition of LIP – “LANCASTER LYNCHING – TWENTY YEARS LATER.”




[My interview with David Atkinson will come this afternoon.  The below is archived on this site under “Bananas & Brett” (click here).


    Well, it’s been a week since the Vidocq Society met and reviewed the case of Lindy Biechler, who was brutally murdered at the age of nineteen in Millersville in 1975. 

    As noted here previously, the New Era article regarding the meeting, “Probers to killer:  We’re getting closer,” quoted Richard Walter, a forensic psychologist, as saying to the killer, “Don’t buy any green bananas.”

    The article also states that FBI profiler James Fitzgerald said of the killer, “He knew Biechler.”  The article also says this, “Detective Geesey [Lancaster County Detective Joseph Geesey] said investigators think they know the motive for the murder, which he declined to disclose.”

    Enough is enough. You’ve had 30 years to arrest someone she knew and you have the motive.  Arrest him already!   Her family deserves answers and an arrest.  They deserved it 30 years ago. 

    As promised, I will let my bananas sit in a dark corner for one more week before saying more.  Let’s make an arrest, Mr. Geesey.


I spoke with David Atkinson, Legislative Aide to State Senator Gibson Armstrong, this afternoon from 4:10 to 4:30 p.m.  That interview will come tomorrow along with more on the murders of Christy Mirack and Lindy Biechler…



~ Will Justice Be Done? ~

[This is reprinted from archived articles on this site (click here).]

    The founders of this country built a system of checks and balances into the government. The final check on that system should be the press. When that check fails, crime and corruption follow.
    It has in Lancaster. How many years has this been going on? How many crimes have been covered up? Can you buy your way out of a murder conviction in Lancaster County? You don't think you can?
    On Sunday, December 15, 2002, the Sunday News ran the article "A mother's dying wish" by Barbara Hough Roda. In the newspaper's archives the full title is this, "Knowing she might not live to see the 10th anniversary of her daughter's unsolved killing, Gerry Mirack asked an editor for an interview to tell her story of the terrible pain of losing her 'Chrissy.' And of her fears that justice would never be done. A mother's dying wish."
    Christy Mirack, 25-years-old and a sixth-grade teacher, was sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled in 1992 in her townhouse. No one has ever been charged with her murder.
    In Roda's article, there are the following paragraphs - and this phrase - "the family does not know to this day who that was." Those eleven words send a chill down my spine every time I read them. Those words are beyond my comprehension. How and why could they not know who it was? And how could Roda write those eleven words without demanding an answer from the police for a dying mother ten years after her daughter was murdered?
    Quoting from Roda’s article:
"It was Mrs. Mirack who got the call from Christy's principal that her daughter hadn't arrived at Rohrerstown Elementary School the morning of Monday December 21, 1992. Did Christy visit Shamokin that weekend, the principal asked?
    "She had not, and a worried Mrs. Mirack started calling Christy's East Lampeter Township townhouse. Her daughter never answered but, after three hours, someone with the police did - the family does not know to this day who that was - and told Mrs. Mirack she needed to come to Lancaster.
    "The man would say no more. Mrs. Mirack persisted, as concern gave way to a mother's worst fears. There was an 'accident,' she was told. Christy was dead."

Lindy Biechler, Mary Ann Bagenstose, Brenda Heist, Jonathan Luna, Cortney Fry, Heather Marie Nunn, Renee Binkley and David Ludwig. Where was the press? Where is the press? Where is the press?


~ & Det. Geesey ~


    This update on my investigation into how, when, where and why Senator Gibson Armstrong will try to get $6 million more of the public’s money for the Penn Square Pigs’ white elephant:  I called his Harrisburg office at 1:10 p.m. today.  The woman who answered the phone said he was “in session.”  Gasp – I almost forgot he “works!”  That’s a joke, Senator.  I left a detailed message including who I was, that I was looking for the opportunity to ask him several questions regarding the $6 million for the LCCCA and my phone number.  The woman told me he would get my message.  So, I wait…

    There is a common thread to today’s New Era story, Unsolved, but not forgotten - Brothers of victims in two long-unsolved murders here issue a plea for help — with help of a Route 30 billboard — in solving their sisters’ cases,” (click here) and also the Lancaster Lynching story that runs on this site.  That would be the significant involvement of Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey. 

    There will be more on both of these two stories tomorrow…